Alila B!tch Face Matte Lip Gloss



When it comes to a statement-making pout, Bitch Face matte liquids is the way to go. Every Alila girl need these sexy shades of pure seductiveness.

B!tch PleaseB!tch Please
Team ExtraTeam Extra
Sister BethinaSister Bethina
Too Much SauceToo Much Sauce
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These local lip colours will leave your lips with a velvety finish. Fragranced with pure vanilla goodness and long lasting stain effect will enhance the natural curves of your lovely lady lips. To remove: Use Olive Oil To Make It Slide Off. Drizzle some oil (or baby oil, either one works just fine) over a cotton bud and dab it over your lips. Prepare to see some magic right before your eyes. Useful Info: Lip liner prolongs the wear of any lip color. Applying Alila’s lip liner before your lipstick or lip gloss helps prevent the color from bleeding or feathering–making it a dream for dark lipstick lovers. Be sure to base those lovely lips with your lip liner for longer wear.

Alila B!itch Face Lip Gloss

B!tch Please, Team Extra, Nancy, Susan, Wildfire, Woteva, Sister Bethina, Slay, Too Much Sauce, Savage

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